From …Pawel with love <3

First of all I hope you´ve all had merry christmas! I think it´s one of the most wonderful times of a year, when the whole family gathers together, when we have more time for each other (yet being very very busy with the preparations).

During those days I´ve been thinking how else I could bring you closer the countries I am going to.  Reading a (hopefully interesting post) is nice, as well as the pictures. But what if it´s not enough? Some want more and more and I don´t blame them. I would want more and more by myself! On the other hand I am aware of that at some point my money will completely melt what I would like to avoid.  So how could I (or we) combine those things so you are happy and I feel safer? One of my friends asked me “Why won´t you send postcards from your trip in return for small donations on your account?”. And then I asked myself: Why not?

So, if you´d like to receive a postcard from wherever I will be, and I plan lot of “wherevers” 🙂 feel free to send anything to my account number together with the address where should I send you t postcard. I don´t want to tell you how much it should be, as in my opinion nobody should tell anyone how much should they donate. It´s your money and only you know how much you want to do with it. As for example spend it for the postcard from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Nepal or many others. It can be also an unexpected gift for your beloved ones! Why not surprise them with a postcard from the other corner of the world 🙂

So, what´s the “how to”? On the upper banner there will be a tab with all the details. I hope to put it asap, as the trip begins in 4 days!!

Lots of ❤ for everyone!

It’s a rich man’s world – How to get money for your trip?

Many say that travelling requires a lot of money, especially travelling around the world. I don’t say it’s not true, cause it is. So what to do when you’re low on budget? You can find yourself low budget holidays of course, but what if the travel costs a lot more than you’ve expected? Then you’ll have to improvise. But before you go anywhere it’s wise to check the prices in the internet, the places where you want to go, the flight tickets and when you already counted everything… double it. Travelling is like going on a date. You never know what pops up – it can be any unexpected situation in which you would have to spend more money than you didn’t think about. Continue reading It’s a rich man’s world – How to get money for your trip?

Health and Safety – Vaccines

There are so many things I want to write about the preparations that It becomes hard to put them in the right order. About health in travels there is so much to say as well, so today I will focus on the basics of the basics – vaccines. There are people against it as well as there are people for it. But leaving behind all the “NOs”, when going into the trip to exotic/tropic countries, at the end of the day the vaccine can save your life. I personally know some people who traveled without vaccines, who are perfectly fine and say that it is not that necessary. Well. It might be their case, but doesn’t have to be mine. Or yours. So I would advise you to think about it twice before you go. So don’t be afraid of needles, cause you won’t even notice when it’s out. I know it, been there. And I’m still alive. Continue reading Health and Safety – Vaccines